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Comprehensive Commercial Bill Cost-Cutting Services

If you ask small business owners to name their No. 1 unpredictable expense, many will give you the same answer: energy costs.

Bill Auditing is one of the most ignored opportunities for cost reduction in an organization.

This is especially true of companies who have a high amount of vendor or employee turnover, and a variety of workplace employee roles.

In just one example, as new employees are hired and other employees exit, redundancy in equipment usage can create surplus inventory, and unnecessary charges to your company.

Bill Analysis


Analyze Bill Spend To Find Refunds & Reductions

Bill Auditing, combined with expert negotiation, will analyze your current bills, when uploaded, and look for overcharges and errors.

Typically businesses ask us to look at Electric, Natural Gas, Telecommunications Cellular Phone, and Internet bills.

When we audit Water/Sewage, and Trash/Refuse removal by Municipal Authorities we can often get reductions backdated up to 2 years.


Why Not Get An Expert To Negotiate Bills For You?

Why not get an expert who will negotiate bills on your behalf?

Upload your bills into a secure portal. Then, a trained professional, skilled in negotiating savings opportunities and get the best deal for you.

We handle suppliers in such services as Telecoms, Cellular, Internet, Waste Management, Pest Control, Water Delivery, and Payroll Services.

Export Bill Negotiation
Switch Energy Suppliers


The Simplest Way To Switch Energy Suppliers.

Energy Auto-switching refers to the switching process, which is managed for you, it auto compares the market to find the best deal for you then switches you to that supplier or plan automatically.

The auto-switching process notifies your old supplier that you’re leaving and sets up the direct debit with your new energy supplier (if you pay direct debit). 

This services is available in only 18 states currently.


Energy Efficiency Audit & Product Consultation

Energy-efficiency measures create long-lived reduction in electricity use because it is built into the equipment, rather than being dependent on human behavior.


Energy efficiency can involve new appliance standards and energy codes or incentive and educational programs. 

Audits cover the usage of equipment like Lighting, HVAC, Freezers, and Coolers.

Energy Efficiency Audit


We Also Provide Additional Services To Assist Businesses To Become More Efficient

Rooftop Solar Free Quote

Rooftop Solar (Free Quote)

Convert the energy you get from the sun into electricity and reduce your energy bills.

Solar energy is green, sustainable and does not emit pollutants when produced or consumed.

Apply for a Free Rooftop Solar Quote.

Commercial Services Consultation

Commercial Services Consultation

Our Business Consulting Services are structured to address a company’s end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive services to support your business by leveraging strategy to drive people, process, information and technology considerations. 

Merchant Processing Services Audit

Merchant Processing Services Audit

It is critical to have your merchant processing statements audited to ensure all processing fees align and are consistent with the fees defined in your restructured agreement. If your credit card processor takes one penny too much, we will catch it and get it back.

Book a FREE AUDIT and let our professionals negotiate your commercial bills down for you, so you don't have to!

We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

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Gain control over your commercial expenses and boost your bottom line with a commercial bills audit.

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